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Message from District Governor Charles M. Hood*

My fellow Kiwanians, it is with a deep sense of humbleness and thankfulness that I provide this opening message for the District Website and Directory as your Governor.

I thank you for the confidence that you have shown by electing me to this office. I am certain that with your vote for me you have some expectations that I will provide the leadership which will continue to build on the numerous successes that the Georgia District has previously experienced.

From the time that I began this journey to this position, we have Sailed, took Time to impact the lives of children and Soared to New Heights. Now I’m asking you to work with me in becoming HEROES to our children and in our communities. Let us be ever mindful of being Honest, Enthusiastic, Responsible, Optimistic, Encouraging and Spiritual.

Serve with me in doing the Georgia District’s part insupporting the International theme of Connect, Inspire and Advocate, while, serving and assisting Our Children to prepare for Their Future.

By connecting we reach out to members of the Kiwanis Family. Specifically, we need to reach out and establish a close association with all of our SLP’s, Aktion Clubs, Kiwanis Kids, Builders’ Clubs, Key Clubs and Circle K.

While we establish these connections, let us emphasize our commitment to the Objects of Kiwanis. When we reach out, we inspire others to greater service and community involvement. As we develop and execute our plans for this exciting and promising year let us be ever mindful of the need to invite our friends, neighbors, and contacts and even strangers to come and join our wonderful Kiwanis Family.

Let’s not be selfish, the benefits that they will receive will enhance their lives as it has ours. This Website and Directory have been put together as an assist to gain knowledge of the Georgia District and access to experts in various areas of Kiwanis and the District.

[. . .]

Again, thanks for your confidence in me by giving me this great opportunity to serve. A lot will be going on in 2012-2013 and you are vital in making it a great year. We will experience growth in membership and clubs and increased service to our children and communities. 

Let’s get going and become HEROES. 

Yours in Service, 

Thanks to Governor Hall for a great 2011-2012 Kiwanis Year!

*This article was copied from the Georgia District of Kiwanis webpage below

International President Thomas DeJulio Comes to the Georgia District for Mid-Winter Conference*

This year, Kiwanis International President Thomas DeJulio will be visiting the Georgia District during the Mid-Winter Training Conference.

To welcome him, the District will be holding a cocktail reception and dinner on Friday, Feb. 22 at the Marriott-Atlanta Perimeter Center, the site of the Mid-Winter Training Conference. The cost to attend the reception is $50 per member.

The 2013 Mid-Winter Training Conference will be held on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center in Atlanta, Ga. The cost to attend is $30 per member.

We hope you will join us for a fun-filled night with a delicious dinner and take advantage of the opportunity to meet the 2012-2013 Kiwanis International President.

Registration for the Mid-Winter Conference must be submitted by Feb. 10, 2013.

To register for these events, please complete and submit the proper registration forms:

Mid-Winter Training Conference Registration Form International President's Reception Registration Form
Credit Card Information Form (must be submitted to pay with credit or debit card)

The Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center is located at 246 Perimeter Center Parkway, NE in Atlanta, Ga. Kiwanians can make reservations by calling Marriott's Reservation Services at (770) 394-6500. The group name is Kiwanis Georgia District.

[. . .]

The room rate is $89 per room. This will include free Internet service.

*This article was copied from the Georgia District of Kiwanis webpage below